What are leaderboards?

Leaderboards show the ranking of players on Chess.com in various game types or areas. There is a leaderboard for Bullet, Rapid, Blitz, Daily, every variant, tournaments, and even for Puzzle Rush!

To see the leaderboard go here

You can also get to the leaderboard by clicking on 'global' next to your rank for any game type in your stats page: 

Once you are looking at the leaderboard, use the dropdown to select the type of leaderboard you want to see: 

You can also view the leaderboard just among your friends, or for any club that you are in, or any country in the world by clicking 'global' and choosing from the dropdown

To the right of the leaderboard you've selected, you will see your own stats and position: 

Keep playing to climb up the rankings! 

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