Gift FAQs
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What premium plans can I give as a gift?

You can give any of our membership plans, Gold, Platinum or Diamond, of either 1-month or 1-year duration.

Will gifts renew?

No! Gift purchases are one-time purchases only and do not renew.

Can I purchase a gift to be delivered on a future date?

Yes! You can have your gift membership delivered on any date up to 90 days after the date of purchase. When prompted, simply select the date you want the gift to arrive.

Can I give a gift to someone who does not already have a account?

Yes! Just enter the email address of your gift recipient. Just note: in order to activate the gift, your recipient will need to set up a account using the same email address the gift was sent to.

How does the recipient know they've received a gift?

The person you buy a gift for will receive an email from This email will be sent on the delivery date that you selected when making the purchase.

Why, in some cases, is the gift price different than the membership price?

Gift prices are based on the default Global price and are not dependent on your location. Even though the price for your own membership may vary depending on where you live, all members from anywhere in the world are charged the same price for Gift memberships.

What if the gift recipient already has a membership?

When you purchase a gift membership for someone who is currently a premium member, their current membership will pause and your gift membership will start right away. If your friend has a 1-year Gold membership, for example, and you buy them a 1 month Diamond gift, their Gold year will pause, and the 1 month of Diamond will start. Then after the 1 month of Diamond is over, their Gold year will resume.

Why does it say my intended gift recipient is not eligible for gifts?

If your recipient already has a subscription that they bought via the Apple or Google app stores, or with PayPal, we are unfortunately unable to pause or change those subscriptions. You will have to wait for their current subscription to expire, and then you will be able to give them the gift.

This also applies to free trials. If the recipient is on a free trial, they will not be eligible for a gift.

For any other questions or concerns, please see our full Gift Membership Service Policy.

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