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What is my best win? How is it measured?
What is my best win? How is it measured?
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You can find your best win for each game type by going to your Stats page!

Your best win will show below your win/loss totals for each game type:

Sometimes the best win can seem inaccurate because of how it is measured. The rating shown for your best win is the rating of your opponent after you won the game, so it may be a much lower number than what you saw during the game.

The record is calculated like this for accuracy. Because new players have the ability to choose from a range of starting ratings, it is possible for a new player to choose 1600 as their starting rating (when really they are nowhere near that level) then lose to a 1000 rated player, for example. The 1000 rated player would then show their best win as defeating a 1600 rated player, which does not reflect the reality of what happened.

By calculating the best win after rating points are deducted, this gives a more accurate 'best win'.

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