How do I do puzzles (tactics) on the app? (Android)

Tactics are now called Puzzles! You can access the tactics trainer (now simply called Puzzles) by tapping on 'Puzzles' on the bottom of your screen:

This will take you to the new tactics trainer, called Puzzles! 

Here you can choose to do Rated puzzles, or Learning puzzles. Rated puzzles are just like the tactics you are familiar with. You will get a puzzle and gain rating points if you get it correct (or sometimes partially correct) there will also be a small bonus to the rating gained if you complete the puzzle under the target time. 

Learning puzzles are not rated, and you can choose what category of puzzles you want to practice in: 

Adjust the rating range by moving the green bar. You can choose to play only puzzles you got wrong by tapping on 'puzzles I missed' or, choose a theme such as Perpetual Check or Stalemate to practice. These puzzles are all unrated, so focus on learning and practice! 

Finally, you can also choose 'Rush' and play Puzzle Rush! See here for more about Puzzle Rush! 

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