clubs Clubs are a great way to meet people in your area, organize events, or start a fan club. See below for links to all you need to know about clubs!

See here to learn how to find and join a club! Once you are in a club you can find out here how to join a club match!

Or, go here to learn how to create your own club!

Already got a club? Find out how to challenge another club to a match, or how to invite others to join your club, post a forum topic in your club, mute someone in your club, or create a multi-club arena!

Learn about all the different club roles here, and learn here how to add, remove or change a club admin.

Lost interest in one of your clubs? Find out how to leave a club here.

Joining a Club on can be a fun and helpful part of your chess journey by providing a supportive community, opportunities to learn, and a platform to share your love for the game. Feel free to explore the different Clubs available and find the ones that align with your interests and goals!

Find a club to join now!

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